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Sun Ra and His Arkestra - Call For All Demons

I’m feeling this rhythm, I could almost dance to this. I am equally loving the lack of a tonal center, I could definitely enjoy this. I don’t know quite how “free” this is, as it would be tough to get a group to harmonize like this in an improvisation, but it sounds really lovely. When it gets into the more traditional jazz about a minute and a half in, it sounds really old fashioned though. There’s a lot of familiar riffs without any kind of thing that shoves us out. If the piano would just start kicking us out… the drum solo was cool though. There goes the piano. I like how it’s sneaking around trying to bring us back to weird town but we never go back :(

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Ornette Coleman - Buddha Blues

Digging the beat they’re laying down. That drummer is doing work. More of a straightforward rhythm here, I guess they’re trying to throw that off with the sounds of the violin, the suona and whatever else they have playing. A whole bunch of good riffs tucked away in there.

Mr. Coleman’s work is sounding really good right now. Especially after Cecil Taylor. But I prefer ensembles to a soloist, especially a piano soloist.

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Albert Ayler - Ghosts

What a lovely riff in that beginning. I like the disjointedness between the solo sax and the rhythm section, though I could just not be listening well enough. The bass going a bit crazy around 1:30, those are fun sounds. To be honest, the bass is holding my attention when I can hear it, it’s nice and high both on the neck and in the mix. I like how the conversation is almost like talking past each other, sax just going off and fighting with bass and then leaving. The bass and drums playing together and keeping a beat going. I hope it’s just a trio, I like this set up. And the sax coming back in at the end playing that riff with such a swagger.

This one is pretty accessible I think. Especially if you dig bassists doing their thing.

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Ornette Coleman - Lonely Woman

This almost sounds like a bop song in the beginning. I like that pace. Mr. Coleman is often credited as the true beginner of free jazz. It sounds like he earned it. I like the pace (I am still a young man, so fast is always good). The bass is doing work around 2:20 getting on well with whatever horn that is, I hope it’s Ornette. It’s a bit bonkers to me that they repeat the opening riff, though it sounds real good the second time. Awfully mournful. Then the call and response bit around 3:40, super cool. What an interval they jam on. And that pace keeps up. Nice to hear the bass at the end too.

I want this record.

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An event I worked on made the local news! The event was called “Let it clean” (roughly), we tried to educate passersby about the importance of not littering with the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and their EVS volunteers. It was a nice time!

Cecil Taylor - Free Improvisation #3

Wow. This one is pretty tough. He makes that piano howl. Not a lot of settling down on this one. I like the middle bit how he calms down a bit but there are still occasional flare ups. The only riff I can hear repeated is way down at the bottom. His performance though is fascinating, it’s hard to tell how much conscious thought he’s putting in from looking at him. I like some of the riffs every once in a while. Some of the rolling riffs around 6:40 are cool, but they are over so quickly :( When he gets in 7:30+ we’re going somewhere and then he just starts beating up the keyboard again.

I know this is Mr. Taylor being himself, but to me this needs more repetition. Or my ears aren’t ready for it yet. By the end I was starting to catch what he was trying to do, but I don’t know how quickly I’ll come back to this.

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Lennie Tristano - Digression

Apparently, one of the first free jazz records. Sound a bit tame to me now. Still lovely though.

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